How StressLess® Equine Supplement Works

Learn about our all natural calming product

How StressLess WorksStressLess® helps increase receptivity to training and behavior modification which ultimately decreases poor performance. It is safe for long or short term use, has no side effects, and no drowsiness or impaired motor function. Our horse supplement has a palatable apple flavor and it is non-addictive and herbal free. It does not contain lactose or preservatives.

Developed and made in the U.S., this miracle for equine mental health was first conceived by a group of research veterinarians, trainers, pharmaceutical executives, and horse owners.

They collaborated to develop a calming product that was safe, natural, effective, and easy to administer.  StressLess has been refined over time and we feel it is the best product on the market to promote calmness in horses naturally. By promoting a calm mind, focus, and mood balance, StressLess can help your horses train and compete at their optimal level.