StressLess Usage Instructions

We recommend that you start your horse at 4 scoops a day for a trial period of one to two weeks, fed with grain as a daily supplement. Feed all in one serving, not split. After this initial period, you may be able to modify that level down according to the “hotness” and focus of your horse. Most trainers and owners are usually able to gauge where they stand with the horse’s stress reactions after the trial period.

StressLess Equine SupplementWe do not recommend going below 2 scoops a day, especially if you have an upcoming stressful event. In that case, you can increase the dosage to 4-6 scoops a few days before the event. Your horse may train quietly at home on a regular 2 scoop schedule, and for shows increase the dose to 4-6 scoops about five days before.

The maximum recommended dose is 8 scoops per day.

Here at Centerline Distribution, we put all of our horses on 6 scoops of StressLess a day during Hurricane Irma and they were perfectly quiet in their stalls during the intense wind and rain. Testing has shown that 75% of horses respond to StressLess and typically they respond within five days to two weeks. We recommend you use for one month before judging your horse’s response.

StressLess comes in 8.82 oz tubs which will provide two months of supplementation if following the recommended minimum dosing. It is safe for short or long term use and there are no side effects to increasing or decreasing dosage as needed.

Please keep our product in a cool dry environment.

Active ingredient: Casein Hydrolysate
Inactive Ingredients: Maltodextrin, silica, modified food starch, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, malic acid

Made in America by Inspire Equine