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“Pretty miraculous. My horse Trev is overall pretty calm, but I have used StressLess with him several times for competition or training stress… I recently started riding him after months and months of stall rest and hand walking. It seemed like drugs were the only answer to easing his pent up energy to prevent injury—but I hate the idea of any medication used long term. Anyway, I put him back on StressLess and it has been unbelievably effective.”

– Archer Israel

“I have spent so much $$$ on calmers to no avail and then StressLess came to my rescue without a deadening effect.  I give him 4 scoops with breakfast and my life in the field & showing is StressLess!”

– Pru Osborn

Elisa Wallace StressLess Testimonial

“StressLess is great ammunition to battle the most stressful situations. My horses have benefited immensely!”

– Elisa Wallace with Wallace Eventing

“StressLess made a huge difference in Chance. He is much more focused and rideable.”

– Kylee Hone

“I started StressLess and it has been AMAZING for my mare. I cannot even explain it. Her personality is still there but the punch is out of the crazy.”

– Sarah Brand

“We went to Venice two weekends ago and Keegan was the most calm and relaxed horse I have had yet.“

-Mariah Korzenok

“I have seen a great improvement in Monroe’s focus and we are making great strides in his training now that he is fully engaged.”

– D.L.

“The horse I’m mainly riding was distracted and spooky while training. Ever since I put her on Stressless she’s much more concentrated and less spooky. She was often internally stressed out about new exercises and training hard, Stressless made my daily training with her much easier and relaxed.”

– Jana Reich

German born Jana Reich, has worked her way up to being Dressage Trainer’s Assistant at Half Halt Stables in Cocoa Florida. She excels in training and competing horses through the levels. In 2012 Jana became Double Regional Champion in 4th level and Prix St. George and has earned her bronze and silver medals.

Jana Reich recommends StressLess horse supplement

“Elsa showed last weekend and it was the first time for us as a pair under saddle. 72% high point training level so I think we are on our way! She was hesitant for sure about the ring – past demon experiences! But she let me ride her! Thank you!”


“Thanks to StressLess horse supplement, Ritchie has been soooo much better on the ground and under saddle. He always would dance around on the cross ties, run around me in circles while I try to lead him and sometimes even stand up while riding. After we tried StressLess, he has become a completely different horse. Thank you!”


“We ordered our next StressLess this morning! Thanks again for your amazing product. Fargo is looking dapper in his bonnet. It took us 3 moves to get him to his final home and he has been cool as a cucumber through it all. Love my heart horse and your product that helps brings out the best in him!”


Richard J Hendriks Racing

“Racehorses come in all shapes, sizes, and dispositions, yet all are asked to train and perform at peak levels of speed, intensity, and endurance. Training both steeplechasers and flat horses off of a farm, as opposed to a track, offers some reprieve for our equine athletes, but also presents additional challenges, such as increased shipping/vanning and more opportunity for spooking. The addition of StressLess to our training program has resulted in less spooks and bucks from the more spirited and less nervous shippers, as well as quieter horses on stall rest. The apple flavor is palatable and the powder easy to administer. All in all, a great product!”

– Thanks from all at Richard J. Hendriks Racing

“Legend (aka Wizard) is doing great! We are still a long way from competing at PSG but today we had some marvelous flying changes in both directions. I adore this pony. Thank you StressLess for helping us.”

– R.B.

“I absolutely love this product! My upper level horse is extremely quirky, especially in dressage. While on it, he transforms from silly to hard working and focused. He is relaxed and quiet, but still maintains his presence. This product is truly incredible!”

– Haley Curry

“Great product I’ve seen it work wonders on several different breeds and disciplines giving the horses/ponies the competitive edge to get the job done.”

– Louise Levesque

“As an amateur I want to feel safe while riding. I bought a Schoolmaster who is an absolutely great horse. But every once in awhile he will get distracted and has quite a big spook and buck in him. Since I put him on Stressless he hasn’t been as distracted, he is less over reactive and much more rideable and pleasant.”

– Mary Gleason

Mary Gleason recommends StressLess horse supplement

“Fantastic results, without making the horse groggy and tired.”

– Sierra Espie

“Thank you StressLess! We rode in the heat of the day and I can’t begin to say how proud I am of him. He was relaxed and rideable (we were both melting lol) and I couldn’t have asked for more from him.”

– Erin Lynch Miller

“My 8 year old Andalusian gelding Blue is doing great on StressLess. He came to me so nervous and reactive. I knew there was a special guy in there and the supplement has helped a ton!”

Laurie Tuchman

“This is awesome stuff. I use this at my rescue.”

Susanna Raymond