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Whispering Meadows Ranch

Centerline Distribution proudly supports Whispering Meadows Ranch, a nonprofit organization committed to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities through recreational, educational, and equine-assisted programs. As a 100% volunteer-based initiative, the ranch exemplifies dedication to fostering inclusivity and empowerment within the community.

By providing engaging and interactive programs, Whispering Meadows Ranch creates a supportive environment where both children and adults with special needs can thrive. Through encouragement of participation and socialization, the ranch not only enhances individual skills but also cultivates a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Centerline Distribution’s partnership with Whispering Meadows Ranch underscores its commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those with disabilities, ensuring they have access to opportunities for growth, learning, and enjoyment in a welcoming and supportive setting.

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Half Halt Stables - Cocoa Beach, Florida

We extend our sincere gratitude to Half Halt Stables of Cocoa Beach, Florida, for graciously allowing us to utilize their exquisite property for our recent photo shoot. Renowned as a premier dressage training facility in central Florida, Half Halt offers year-round training opportunities for equestrian enthusiasts.

Led by the esteemed trainer Susanne Benne, a Pferdewirtschaftsmeister licensed International trainer, FEI Grand Prix dressage specialist, and USDF gold medalist, Half Halt Stables sets the standard for excellence in equine education. Alongside Susanne, her daughter Jana Reich serves as an assistant trainer, bringing her expertise as a USDF silver medalist to the training program. Additionally, the team is complemented by assistant rider Katie Honeywell, a USDF bronze medalist. Together, they form a dedicated and skilled team committed to the advancement of both horse and rider, ensuring a comprehensive and rewarding training experience at Half Halt Stables.

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